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About Us

Original and it's "heart design logo" are registered trademarks and brands that are owned exclusively by members of the Withers family, the trademark was designed and created by Mr. John Edward Withers, the "Original" trademark and brand have been in use and heavily associated with the Jewelry industry for more than 40 years.

The "Original" trademark has also been extensively used on the Withers family companies own product lines including their range of Jewelry and Optical care cleaning products, Original has also been used in major co-branding of other quality products services.


  • Original Diamonds its partners and directors have been part of the diamond and Jewelry industry dating back to the early 1960's with the first handling of Russian diamonds.
  • Diamond and jewelry manufacturing set up in Hong Kong in the 1970's organizing main supply and manufacturing chains for Jardine Matheson.
  • Original Diamonds having foundering diamond member from one of the first diamond cutting polishing operations setup in the United Kingdom.
  • The pioneering and processing of the first commercial parcels of colored diamond rough to come out of the Australian diamonds mines, Freeport, Bow River and Argyle, with joint venture cutting and polishing factories in India.
  • Introduction of first commercial shipments of fancy colored and pink diamonds to the Australian and Asian Markets in the 1980's
  • Introduction of pilot colored diamond jewelry collections through the United States in the late 1980's Vogue, Woman's day etc.
  • Commercial sale marketing and promotion of Hearts and Arrows perfectly cut diamonds into, South East Asia, Australia and United Kingdom in 1990's
  • Development and launch of diamond costing software for the internet and industry use through the 1990's and 2000
  • Original Diamonds official website launch January 2001 with over 20000 stock diamonds fully linked for public offering.
  • Original Diamonds is involved at all levels of the diamond/jewelry industry from joint venture diamond manufacturing, to organization of direct supply lines of commercial diamond stocks, diamond holding, procurement manufacturing to direct internet wholesaling and jewelry manufacturing.
  • Original has in its team of fully trained gemologists, diamond graders, cutters polishers and master jewelers.

Original-Diamonds.com is a marketing conduit that is designed to bring our products, experience, and service in the Diamond and jewelry industry online too the general public.

Original-diamonds.com is supported by the trade mark Original, its parent company, its directors. Trading names, registered domain names, companies and trade marks that are held by Original and its Directors.