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Green Diamonds

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Green Diamonds

Voyage into the paradise of colour in the company of Jason Withers. Encounter diamonds and stones of every hue, each with its own mystery and symbols. Discover the gardens of green, the blaze of blue, the blush of pink... And as always, the Jason Withers style, its inimitable design.

Our selections include fabulous pink diamonds from the Argyle Mine in Western Australia. Highly prized and collectable, Argyle pink diamonds are rare treasures - worn, admired and loved by a fortunate few. What's more, with the Argyle Mine expected to close within a decade, these exquisite gems are becoming increasingly sought after.

"An Argyle pink diamond is beyond rare. It is the most revered diamond in the world and a treasure like no other. To own an Argyle pink diamond is to be the custodian of an unsurpassed heirloom; to gaze upon it is to view unfathomable beauty; to give one is to impart a gift that is truly beyond rare."

They are highly sought after by investors, jewellers and their customers, celebrities, and diamond aficionados. They are prized by all who possess them and revered for their unique provenance, intrinsic beauty and extreme rarity.

No one knows for sure how pink diamonds are coloured, but it is believed it is as a result of pressure beneath the Earth's crust. As pressure raises the diamond closer to the surface, it is believed that its structure becomes altered, thus absorbing light and producing colour.

What is known is that from one hundred miles deep within the Earth's surface comes the treasure that is the pink diamond. It is so remarkable that nothing compares to its colour and brilliance, and it is substantially more valuable than its white diamond equivalent.

Pink Colour Grading